Marcail (walks into the kitchen, patting her chest): Mama, my heart.
Me: Yep,that’s your heart.
Marcail: My heart.
Me: Uh huh, what about your heart?
Marcail (in an injured voice): It’s broken!
Me: Oh no! What happened to it?!
Marcail: I tripped on it!
Me: And it broke?
Marcail: Yes
Me: Does it hurt?
Marcail (pausing to consider): Nope. I’m tough.
Me (laughing and hugging her): Yes you are. Don’t ever forget that ok?
Marcail: Ok… I’ll have cookies now?


So I’ve been OBSESSED with the song Starships for awhile…. Something about it just makes me want to rock out in the car.

Anyway, it came on this morning and I cranked it up, to which Marcail replied, “Yay, Mommy! This is one of my favorite songs!” And she started rocking out. So I joined in and started to sing along when she said, “No, Mommy this is one of MY favorite songs, you can’t sing, just me.”

So she proceeded to rock out, occasionally singing along, but mostly just dancing her little heart out… Then suddenly she stops dancing, puts on her best pouty face and says, “I can’t touch the sky, Mommy, I’m too wittle.”

I love that kid…

It’s final’s week for Mommy and I still don’t know the topic of one of my final papers… So today I’m sitting at the computer surfing through the ALA website, trying to find a big picture topic about Information and LIbraries and SUDDENLY I realize it’s a bit quiet.

“Marcail, what are you doing?”

“Using your makeup!”

I JUMPED up and ran to the bathroom, wondering as I went how she even got into my makeup bag, I thought I’d left it on the dresser in the bedroom… Luckily I had and all she had was my mascara.  Which she had smeared all over her cheeks.

“Oh, baby, no! That’s Mama’s!  You can’t use it.” 

“But, Mama, I want to be pretty like you.” 

And as I cleaned her up I’m pretty sure my heart melted in a little puddle all over the floor…


Last night after we read, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” before bed.  When we were done I told Marcail to say goodnight to the pig (which we do for all books – some, like Skippy John Jones, Llamma Llama & the Hungry Caterpillar, even warrant a goodnight kiss).

Marcail: Goodnight pig!

Me: (Putting down book) Good job!  Ok, time to turn out the lights.

Marcail: I need say goodnight to the pancake too, Mama.

Me: Um… ok.  (Picks book back up)

Marcail: Goodnight pancake!

Me: (Putting the book down again and heading to the light switch) Ok, time for night night.

Marcail: Pancake say goodnight back!

Me: (Humoring her and not paying too much attention): Yes!  I’m sure he did.

Marcai (in a voice that suggests she’s talking to a simpleton)l: NOooo, Mama!!  Pancakes don’t talk!  Pancakes don’t have faces!

Me: Oh, well, no, I guess they don’t.

Marcail: (Lays down, covers herself up and giggles to herself): Pancakes don’t have faces!

Me: You’re so cute! 

Marcail: Thank you!

Me: You’re cuter than a baby panda.

Marcail: No, Mommy! 

Me: No? You’re not cuter than a baby panda? 

Marcail: Nooooo.

Me: What do you think is the CUTEST animal?

Marcail: Ducks, maybe.

Me: Baby Ducks?

Marcail: YES!

Me: Are you cuter than baby ducks?

Marcail: Yes, two of them!


Marcail: Let’s have a party.
Me: A party?!
Marcail: Yes!!!
Me: Ok (proceeds to dance about).
Marcail: No, Mommy! Solo cup first.

On the way to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle:
Me: We’re going to see sooo many animals today! What is your favorite, Marcail?
Marcail: ummm… Elmo

At the zoo: Marcail insisted that she be allowed to show the gorilla her tattoo, kissed an orangutan (through the glass) and asked to read the lion a bedtime story (because I said he was sleepy). Oh… And she kissed a random boy square on the mouth… I was mortified!

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