Sailor Mouth:
It’s official!  Jason and I need to curb our tongues… Marcail has been walking around saying “Effing” lately.  She’s not using it right… yet (she just says it during random situations) but it’s perfectly clear. :/

Too soon:
I talked to our pediatrician about the fact that Marcail does NOT play well by herself.. as in not at all… I was concerned because, you know, I need to get things done occasionally and therefore I can’t devote 24/7 to my toddler like she’d like me to do.  The doctor asked me if we’d considered preschool.  She thinks Marcail is very bright and energetic and is probably just bored.  Part of me is so incredibly proud, my daughter is so so smart! But part of me wants to scream NO and snatch her back from all this growing up nonsense and cuddle her forever.  Especially since we don’t intend to have more babies, it’s a bit hard to past the fact that she’s not one anymore. (FYI: Jason and I talked about it and think we’ll consider preschool NEXT year… it’s just too dang soon for Mommy to let her go).

Imaginary(ish) Friend:
My fellow thespian and friend, Mat, is incredibly good with kids and Marcail adores him.  So much so that she’s taken to talking to him and playing imaginary about him when he’s not around.  I don’t know what you call it when someone’s ‘imaginary’ friend is someone real… But it’s incredibly cute and an endless source of entertainment for me to watch her go about talking to a friend of mine who is not currently present.