Last night after we read, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” before bed.  When we were done I told Marcail to say goodnight to the pig (which we do for all books – some, like Skippy John Jones, Llamma Llama & the Hungry Caterpillar, even warrant a goodnight kiss).

Marcail: Goodnight pig!

Me: (Putting down book) Good job!  Ok, time to turn out the lights.

Marcail: I need say goodnight to the pancake too, Mama.

Me: Um… ok.  (Picks book back up)

Marcail: Goodnight pancake!

Me: (Putting the book down again and heading to the light switch) Ok, time for night night.

Marcail: Pancake say goodnight back!

Me: (Humoring her and not paying too much attention): Yes!  I’m sure he did.

Marcai (in a voice that suggests she’s talking to a simpleton)l: NOooo, Mama!!  Pancakes don’t talk!  Pancakes don’t have faces!

Me: Oh, well, no, I guess they don’t.

Marcail: (Lays down, covers herself up and giggles to herself): Pancakes don’t have faces!