It’s final’s week for Mommy and I still don’t know the topic of one of my final papers… So today I’m sitting at the computer surfing through the ALA website, trying to find a big picture topic about Information and LIbraries and SUDDENLY I realize it’s a bit quiet.

“Marcail, what are you doing?”

“Using your makeup!”

I JUMPED up and ran to the bathroom, wondering as I went how she even got into my makeup bag, I thought I’d left it on the dresser in the bedroom… Luckily I had and all she had was my mascara.  Which she had smeared all over her cheeks.

“Oh, baby, no! That’s Mama’s!  You can’t use it.” 

“But, Mama, I want to be pretty like you.” 

And as I cleaned her up I’m pretty sure my heart melted in a little puddle all over the floor…