Marcail talks more and more each day but sometimes it takes a degree in foreign languages to decode her chatter. We try very hard not to encourage baby talk or mispronunciations but some of the things she says are so uniquely, adorably ‘her’ that I’m going to be sad when she learns to say them correctly…

For example: Boo-uh-fee means beautiful, Cado = avocado, mingos are actually mangos, sunshine comes out sounding more like sushi, dishies are dishes and she calls our close family friends Branyon (rhyming with canyon) &Hedda instead of Brandon and Heather… She transposes the ‘s’ sound in words like basket, necklace and star in a way I’m not even sure I can recreate in text. Twinkle Star sounds a lot like ‘chickenosaur’ -it took me days to figure out she wanted me to sing rather than to go out and discover a new species of prehistoric fowl… And it takes so much concentration on my part not to default to “Jaquey” when calling our family dog (Roxie).

There are probably more… I’ll think of them all as I lie in bed trying to sleep, I’m sure, but my point is just that she’s smart and funny and lights up my life… Even when she’s driving me “uh-nanas.”

With love,

ps- please forgive any misplaced words, this is my first blog from my iPad. Autocorrect and sleepiness just don’t mix…

EDIT:  So I had to add a few more that are super cute (you know, for posterity sake). 
XO = Let’s go!
Kiss Hamitchees = Kiss Sandwiches