The Muno family has never been big on resolutions.  They just seem so… final… binding.  Afterall, synonyms for it include conclude, settle on and decide.   So if you ‘resolve’ to lose weight or quit smoking and you don’t… well you didn’t actually resolve and you become a cliché joke.  Not cool.  SO… This year the Muno household went ahead with a list of things we’d like to see changed in 2012 but it’s a very relaxed list.  Not so much a list of resolutions but a list of “let’s trys” and “wouldn’t it be nices?”


  • Successfully participate in the M4H Project 52
  • Get into the MLIS program (and be awesome)
  • Return to Yoga class & resume home practice with Marcail
  • Cut back on junk food (you will be missed egg nog)
  • Spend less time on theatre business
  • Begin a structure of educational activities with Marcail
  • Wean Marcail (yes she is 19 months already, believe me, I know)


  • Successfully repair stomach through surgery and responsible recovery
  • To really, truly be done smoking
  • Eliminate soda
  • Be. Happier.


  • Potty train
  • Elmo birthday party
  • Say 3+ word sentences

Wish us luck!

The Munos