Marcail had her 16 month appointment last week.  This time they asked me if Marcail could say eight words.  I knew she could and just marked, ‘yes’ on the questionnaire to begin with… but then they left me alone for a decent amount of time and I got curious so I began a list.  I made it to 40 spoken words before the pediatrician came in.  It was the first thing she noticed when she walked in the door.  She excitedly commented that Marcail was saying more words than her three year old.  I told Jason that night when he got home from work.  He, of course, wanted to see the list – which I’d left at the doctor’s office… so we created a new one… 

  1. Mama/Mommy
  2. Daddy
  3. All done
  4. More
  5. Koyra (our dog’s name)
  6. Dog
  7. Cat
  8. Car
  9. Go
  10. Doll
  11. Baby
  12. Ball
  13. Toy
  14. Close
  15. Pants
  16. Open
  17. Heather
  18. Aria
  19. Auntie
  20. Up
  21. Down
  22. Two
  23. Happy
  24. Poppy
  25. Bumpa (grandpa)
  26. Papa
  27. Blueberry
  28. Totally
  29. Duck
  30. Chicken
  31. Good Girl
  32. bee bo (belly button)
  33. Eye
  34. Hair
  35. Hat
  36. Hot
  37. No
  38. Uncle
  39. Love You
  40. Hi
  41. Hello
  42. Hola
  43. Bye
  44. Phone
  45. Elmo
  46. Book
  47. Uh oh
  48. Sit
  49. Chair
  50. Frog
  51. Shoe
  52. Hand
  53. That
  54. Di(aper)
  55. Poop
  56. (Out)Side
  57. Silly

There are a few words on there that she just says with out knowing what they mean (happy, totally, uncle) .  And there are some you probably wouldn’t understand if you just walked into our household today (for example, “Elmo” sounds very much like, “Elbow” which I imagine would be confusing if she chimed it over and over to you while pointing at the tv).  But for the most part she knows what they mean & can show you. 

Because she’s amazing and I love her adorable brain.

– Crystal