There are so many things I keep thinking, I need to write that down or put it in the blog so pardon the next few blog posts in their random thoughts.  Today I want to just take a minute to list the songs we sing to Marcail.  Because someday she’ll ask and I’ll have so many books and play lines and activities we used to do floating about in my head that I might not remember… Or maybe she won’t ask but I’ll look at her when she’s twenty and remember how in 2011 I felt like there was nothing in the world more amazing than holding a sleepy (or cranky or sick or cuddly) baby in my arms and having my voice soothe her as if it was the most amazing sound in the world and want to remember the specifics…  So here goes nothin’:

  • You Are My Sunshine
  • John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy
      -(only we change the words to Beautiful Girl)
  • The Rainbow Connection
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • Hush Little Baby
  • You and I (by Ingrid Michaelson)
  • Too Marvelous for Words (originally by Frank Sinatra)
  • A bastardized version of the Banana Boat Song
      -(Instead of Day-O, we sing Mar-cay-o)

I also make up songs on a very regular basis.  There are three I’ve actually managed to put a bit of rhyme and reason to and remember the next time I reach for something. They probably won’t translate well here but that’s ok too:

This one I started singing to my belly very early in my pregnancy when I was still terrified I might miscarry again.  It started as more of a mantra and as time wore on I added sentiments and ended up with an actual song.  It was also the first thing I sang to her when she was placed in my arms in the delivery room: 

Ohhhh baby, baby Muno
We love you so
Please don’t ever go

Oh baby, baby Marcail
We won’t ever fail
To love you maaadly….

Promise to keep you safe ands warm
Promise to keep you far from harm
(When I was pregnant there was another line in the middle that went: Whether you’re a boy or a girl, promise you will be our world and then a line with “Lincoln” as the main verse but obviously those were dropped around week 20 :). 

This one has hand motions that go with it pointing out her body parts.  I started singing it to her around 3 months while I was getting her dressed and now she can help point out the body parts and always gets excited to do the sign language ‘please please please’ at the end:

Ten fingers
Ten toes
One adorable nose
Two eyes
Two hands and two elbows
One mouth
Head south
Two feet and two knees
What do we say when we need something?
Please, please, please

This one was born out of sheer desperation in the early days of sleepless nights.  I’d sing every song I could even kinda remember the words from and still be holding a fussy baby.  After several nights of just saying words this song eventually came out to kinda sorta fit together:

It’s time to take a nap now, baby
It’s time to go to sleep
Spend some time with your pillow, baby
No need to cry or weep

It’s time to hit the hay now, darling
Time to catch some z’s. 
Make some sweet, sweet dreams, my baby
Close your eyes please.

You need your rest
if you’re going to be your best tomorrow
Need your rest
for a day filled with joy not sorrow…

lyrically and with love,