Marcail has been babbling for quite some time but we were under the impression that it was too early for her to talk so even though it SOUNDED like she was saying things, we’ve been dismissing it as simple mimicry rather than actual words.  It wasn’t until the week of her birthday that we realized that she really was talking… a lot. 

So then we had to go back and figure out what her first word was!  We’re probably the first parents on the planet to miss their childs first (10) word(s).  For the record the very first was “All done.”  In fact it was her first word (I know it’s more than one word, but Marcail doesn’t so it counts) in both sign language and spoken word!  I am not at all surprised that her first word reflects her growing independence?  That girl already has a mind of her own!

Then today she and I were at her one year checkup and I asked the doctor why there aren’t more questions about speech development on the ages and stages questionnaire thingy that the use to track a baby’s developmental milestones.  The doctor informed me that one year olds are only expected to say “Mama” and “Dada” and are only required to sometimes get the terms right in order to be on track developmentally.  She said even an 18 month old is expected to know five words.  “Why,” she asks, “How many is Marcail saying?”  She about fell over when I told her that I knew for sure of 11 spoken words and several more in sign.  “She’s definitely ahead of the curve.” 

Jason and I say it all the time but our daughter really is a genius…  So excuse me while I do a little bragging.

Words Marcail says out loud:

  1. All done
  2. More
  3. Mama
  4. Dada
  5. Duck
  6. Grandpa (which sounds more like bum-pa but she 100% knows it means my dad)
  7. Go
  8. No (She’s taken to saying “no” to herself before she does things she knows I”m not going to like)
  9. Down (this sounds almost like “done” but when she means ‘done’ she says “Allduh” instead)
  10. Good girl (which she says both to herself and our dog…)
  11. Hi (I probably hear that word 47 times a day)
  12. Bye bye (which she said for the first time to a doctor who was poking and prodding at her)
  13. Nurse (she can’t make the “rse” noise but it is quite clear what she wants when she says “Nuh Nuh”)
  14. That? (short for “What is that?”  Her new favorite thing is to point at things and say “That?” so that I’ll explain them to her.)

Signs Marcail uses regularly:

  1. All done
  2. More
  3. Please
  4. Book
  5. Wash
  6. Brush teeth
  7. Change (as in diaper – this one is complex and still iffy)
  8. Eat
  9. Nurse (which is a sign she invented all by herself…)
  10. She waves for “hi” and “bye”

And these aren’t exactly sign language but she also

  1. Blows kisses
  2. Claps when we say “Yay”
  3. Pets something when we say “Be Gentle”

 Ok bragging over.  Proceed about your lives (though more impressed than you were before).

– Crystal (aka Mama)