Today we birthday partied like it’s 1999.  Actually, with all that doomsday stuff, it was pretty similar but 2011 doesn’t fit into the song as well.  :).  I have to say that after 3 days of mixing, baking and frosting, my cupcakes turned out great!   Marcail looked amazing in the dress I picked out and ordered for her months ago – even if it was a little big on her.  We have an amazing group of friends who helped me feel and decorate for the party. Our friends and family came out in spades to share in our precious little girl’s day with her.  She was showered in love and kisses – she LOVES the attention and she got 28 new books for her collection – and not a duplicate among them…  Basically I couldn’t asked for a better birthday party for my amazing little girl. 

I know that Marcail won’t remember her first birthday party but it was super important to me that the day go well anyway.  Why?  Because I have this insane urge to give her a picture perfect childhood filled with family and friends, streamers, smiles  and sweet, butter cream memories.  And even though she won’t remember anything about today, I want her to look back on pictures and the tags in her books in the years to come and know that I’ve been working to give her the best childhood I possibly could right from the start. 

one proud Mama aka Crystal