For various reasons that a lot of you already know  Mother’s Days of the past have often been hard on me.   I was mildly apprehensive about this year.  Would it live up to my long awaited and built-up expectations?  Would I be fawned over with gifts and thoughtfully worded cards and a well-thought out plan for the day?  Would someone compose a sonnet, or at least a list, of all the reasons why I am a good mom?  Would I get flowers and breakfast in bed and slobbery baby kisses?  Would my husband look at me differently?  Eyes filled with adoration for the woman who brought his beloved daughter into the world?

The answers? Yes, no, no, no and no.  :). I was tempted to be dissappointed (I was especially looking forward to that sonnet) but I”m not.  We’re a little low on funds due to the car being broken into but Jason went out of his way to take me to one of our favorite brunch spots.  We ate an amazing meal with our adorable little girl in tow and he looked at me with love and respect… but to be perfectly honest today wasn’t really that different from the other 11 months worth of days I’ve been a mother.  Jason tells me on a regular basis that he thinks I’m a good Mom and the smile on my daughter’s face as she holds up her tiny little arms to be picked up, all the while babbling “Mama” is better than any bouquet or gift I’ve ever gotten.

Happy Mother’s Day to me – the luckiest Mama ever!

 w/ love,