As I’m sure most parents do, we are trying to do what is best for Marcail in every aspect of her little life. We are also trying our best to balance the pressures and responsibilities that make up the rest of our life. Crystal, especially, plays so many different parts that it can seem utterly impossible to play those parts the way they need to be played. She is now Mommy, Wife, Housewife, Friend, Linkville President, Producer, Photographer, Marketing Coordinator, Babysitter, GED Examiner, Registrar, Coworker, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Niece, Granddaughter, Aunt, and many more I am probably forgetting. Both of us being perfectionists can cause playing all our different roles to be a tad overwhelming to say the least. I can’t seem to do “this” satisfactorily. She can’t seem to do “that” the right way. We both can’t seem to do “anything” on time. Etc, etc, etc. But when I calm down from my frustrations and the possible arguments that may have occurred due to the mentioned frustrations, I realize something. While striving for perfection in everything we do is a good goal to reach for, not doing everything exactly the way we want to does not mean we fail. When I really think about it, I can probably list hundreds of things that we accomplished today compared to the one or two “failures” that occurred. And when I look at Marcail or think about her happy, smiling face I realize that we are doing more than good enough. And that is what matters.