For the most part, Marcail seems ambivalent about food.  She eats it when we make her but she hasn’t shown any enjoyment in flavors or any real desire to eat, basically since the beginning (which was scary… the words ‘failure to thrive’ popped up a couple of times).  When we introduce her to a new food, she generally grimaces for the first few bites and looks at us as if to say, “Really?  This is edible?”  But then she eats enough to give her the mass amounts of energy she uses each day.

Until now.  We have finally found a food Marcail absolutely adores.  Pad Thai.  She was eating it by the double handful tonight.  She was so excited about it that she skipped the niceties of signing “more” to us in favor of reaching directly for my plate.  It’s adorable and amazing.

Just like her.

w/ love, Crystal