Breaking news in the Muno Family:

1/12/2011 – Marcail takes Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign personally.
She’s been scooting herself backwards on all fours for awhile now but just last week she took the plunge and started moving herself in a forward motion…  She’s got a unique style to it too.  She moves her hands in the normal fashion but then she moves both legs together in a little hopping motion.  It’s super cute.  Now she seems to be moving constantly.  Even when she’s sitting on a someone’s lap she’s reaching and stretching and wiggling. 

1/15/2011 – Houston, we have a tooth. 
On Saturday Marcail’s left mandibular central incisor (bottom, front left tooth) freed itself from her gums.   Three days later on the 18th her right one poked through as well.   “Nursing her has become a bit of a Russian Roulette game for my nipples,” jokes her mother.

1/17/2011 – Marcail stands up for babies’ rights (supported by the Couch Committee).
This week Marcail pulled herself up to a standing position (from her tummy).  Her parents promptly lowered her bed as thoughts of the infant pulling herself up and over her pack n’ play or crib railing filled her mother’s head.  “I’m astounded that she’s reached these heights so this early in her activist career,” quipped her father.

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