So, I haven’t blogged in forever. I couldn’t really give a very good excuse as to why. It probably just comes down to not placing a high enough of a priority on it. I’m sorry. But I’m here now. Actually, this will be the second time I’ve written this today due to a copy/paste and publishing error. Grrrr. Hopefully, I will remember everything I wanted to say.

First of all, as mentioned in Crystal’s previous blog, I win!!! Saturday, Marcail said, “Dadadada” for the first time. I wasn’t there for it, but fortunately, my loving wife got a video that I proudly keep on my phone available to show anyone that might be even remotely interested. I know that it isn’t officially her first work or anything. I realize that it is simply another of the many consonant sounds that her little mouth will be making as she starts forming the basis of her future speech.

It still brought tears to my eyes to see the video for the first time after it arrived on my phone via text. I don’t hear it much from Marcail. She tends to say it most often when I’m not around, but occasionally I do get to hear it and feel a bit giddy every time. “That’s right. I’m your Dadadada.” She amazes me each and every day. She is growing too fast and too slow at the same time.

What else has been going on since I last posted? Well, this is what a typical week looks like in our family:

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Marcail and Crystal fill their days with a myriad of chores, projects, appointments, and play date until I get off work. Then Crystal and I swap roles. She goes to work from 6-8pm while Marcail and I get our own bonding time.

Mondays, we invite Uncle Brandon over to watch Monday Night Football with me while we play with Marcail. No football watching for her yet. We make sure dinner is at least close to done by the time Mommy gets home around 8:30pm. Then we eat dinner, give Marcail a bath, get her ready for bed, read a book to her, and put her to sleep. The rest of the night Crystal and I spend “us time,” whether it be watching TV, playing on the computers or working on house projects.

Tuesdays while Crystal is at work is just father daughter bonding time. Marcail and I do chores (the few I have left now that Crystai home so much) and play until time to fix dinner. Then it is time to repeat our evening rituals once Crystal gets home.

Wednesday Marcail joins me at Abby’s Pizza for geek night and hangs out while Dadaddy plays D&D with all of his other geek friends. When Mommy gets off work, she takes Marcail home for normal bed and bath routine. I get home late on Wednesday, but usually watch a recorded TV show with Crystal before we head to bed.

On Thursday, Crystal goes to work at 2pm. So, Marcail spends the time between 1:30-5:30pm with Uncle Brandon, Auntie Heather, and Cousin Aria. She helps pick up Cousin Aria from the bus stop and accompanies her to Tai Kwan Do where Marcail watches Aria’s class. When I get off work, I catch a ride from someone to Crystal’s office. Then I pick up Marcail and do errands in town, etc. until time to pick up Crystal from work. When we get home, we repeat our bath, book, bed ritual with Marcail and our Mommy & Daddy time before bed.

Friday is the only day of the week that Crystal works all day. So, it starts earlier than any other.. We get up, get ready for work, pack all of Marcail’s things, and head out.  We swing by Greenblade Bakery for pastries. We get them for us, my office and for Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Jessica. Then Crystal drops me off at work, goes to Dutch Bros, and brings me coffee back. After that, she arrives at the Millers’ house around 8:30am to drop off Marcail. Marcail then spends her day with Aunt Jessica, Uncle Jeremy, and Cousin Sydney. Crystal gets to work around 9am. After work, Crystal picks me up and we go get Marcail. Then we proceed to any Friday evening plans we may or may not have.

Saturday is my favorite morning. Marcail seems to sense that it is the only day that Dadaddy stays in bed after she wakes up and craves extra attention from me.

The rest of our weekends are filled with housework, chores, projects, errands, appointments, events, and shopping with the occasional relaxation thrown into the mix. Right there beside us most of the time is Marcail. She is such a little trooper. We have put her through late nights, long days, bad weather, and loud crowds. She has soaked up every experience rarely even protesting. When she gets tired, she sleeps. When she gets hungry, we feed her. If she needs changed, we find a place. Occasionally, Aunt Linda or Grumpa & Grandma Ducky has gotten the opportunity to watch her for a few hours while Crystal & I go out. Marcail seems to enjoy that too.

We are so blessed with how relaxed and easy-going Marcail is. I don’t know where she inherited that from. She seems to be growing so fast and yet she hasn’t been here that long. She is only 6 months old and has already become so much a part of life that it is becoming increasingly difficult to remember a time without her in it. I look forward to each and every day as our family continues this adventure.

Gloating just a little bit,