Jason and I are so excited to be sharing Marcail’s first Christmas season with her.  Buying new matching stockings for the whole family almost made me cry.  It was just so poignant and amazing.  I AGONIZED over the perfect holiday outfit.  Even Jason – who can be a little bit of a Grinch – is suddenly all excited about the upcoming festivities.  Now it’s all we can do to restrain ourselves not to fill aforementioned stocking and the whole area under the tree with hair bows, tights, books and bath toys…




Ever since Marcail uttered her first, “ah goo,” Jason and I have been vying to have Ma or Da be next.  Instead she ‘said,’ “Hi,” “Di,” “Na,” and “Om,” (like a tiny little yogi) on a pretty regular basis.  Until Saturday when the game changed and “Da-da-da-da” came out of her mouth clear as day.  Jason missed it and, of course, she was unwilling to do it for him for several days (what is she a performing monkey?!) but I caught it on my phone and texted it to him.  As soon as I can get it on a real video camera (or figure out how to convert the terriblly low resolution, crooked one I did on my phone) – I’ll try to get it posted.