For those of you who don’t know…  Jason got laid off in mid-August.  That first week of August was NOT a pretty time in the Muno household.  Jason and I were both so disheartened.  Me, because I’m a control freak who spent months perfecting every last detail of how our new life as parents would be and how to make that transition in the most responsible, perfect and by the book manner as possible. Jason, because he has a tendency to feel guilty for things that aren’t his fault.  However, after the initial panic attack that comes with having a newborn, a house payment, no health insurance and very little income, we both tried to make the best of it… and it’s been a surprisingly ‘glass-half-full’ kind of event.  Jason calls unemployment his ‘paid paternity leave’ and the two of us have been doing our best to enjoy the front row seats we have to Marcail’s amazing and ever-changing infancy.

You’d think with us both being home so much, we’d have all the time in the world to keep the house clean, work on the house remodeling projects and update this blog… but somehow that’s not the case.  Instead, the three of us are always out having adventures or just spending the day cuddling in our jammies.  The dishes have started to pile up almost like they did when we were both working full time but we’ve been enjoying ourselves so much I decided that the dishes (and the laundry and the build up of cat hair on the carpet) could take back burner for awhile.

My maternity leave ended on 9/20 and Jason returns to work on 10/18 so it’s back to the real world for everyone BUT it’s been a really fun nine weeks.  AND… Thanks to this happy little thing called, ‘student loan deferment,’ the financial blow wasn’t near as bad as we expected.  Plus, it really was nice the peace of mind knowing that Daddy had Marcail while I transitioned back to work part time (20hr/week) rather than the nerve-wracking incident of leaving my precious cargo with a sitter for my first away all-day experience.  

So Monday will be the first day we have to juggle two jobs, day care, swim lessons (I’ll try to post photos soon, Marcail is absolutely adorable in her little bathing suit), dinner duty, grocery shopping, game night, board meetings and one car but I have renewed faith that we can take whatever comes our way and make Tim Gunn proud (with our ability to “Make it Work”)!  🙂

– Crystal