At my 38 week appointment my doctor informed me that May 20th would be a good day to have Marcail.  I thought he was joking until I noticed that he kept looking at me expectantly.  Finally, it dawned on me that he was offering to induce me three days before my due date. 

I’d like to say that I’m a calm, earthy, mother-to-be who smiled and serenely declined the offer, preferring instead to let things progress naturally. 

I’d like to… but I can’t. 

I practically leaped for joy at the thought of having an actual defined end date for pregnancy (and, of course, all the vomiting, swelling, food aversions and uncomfortableness that go with it).  And if you’ve seen me walk… er… waddle… lately, you know that an actual leap would be a serious athletic accomplishment! 

I still feel mildly guilty for not allowing nature to take its course and for being a bit of a wimp (afterall, I’m not even waiting for my DUE DATE much less any extra) but my husband and our OB nurse both pointed out that I’m miserable and have been for a very long time and if I can safely end my misery and get a healthy, happy baby out of it, why not?!

Why not indeed! 

So in just 8 days, I’ll be induced and on either May 20th or May 21st I’ll be holding Marcail for the first time ever.  Sure, I’m nervous about labor (and I really wish people would stop telling me horror stories of 38 hour deliveries or 3rd degree tears or how their baby was born not breathing) but mostly I just can’t wait to see my daughter’s face for the first time (without the aid of some serious technology)!  Jason is convinced she has my nose, and while I’m not even sure I know what that means (I don’t think I’ve ever evaluated my nose long enough to say for certain what kind of nose it is…), I’m very excited to find out!