More confessions:

  • I’ve gotten so used to getting sick each morning, I’m a little worried that it won’t go away when the baby comes.  Like maybe that’ll just be the follow-up to a shower and the precursor to brushing my hair for all eternity…
  • Everything makes me cry.  No, I’m not exaggerating here are some examples: State Farm commercials, episodes of How I Met Your Mother, the act of tying my shoes, arguments with Jason, magazine articles, the idea that our nursery might not be done in time, the realization that I’m having a little girl and yet don’t know how to do much with hair, baby clothes, when Jason does super sweet things, chapped lips, mean people at work, random heart-warming news stories… well you get the idea.
  • For some reason registering made me feel incredibly guilty.  Something about not only asking people for gifts, but then also being massively specific about them, made me feel like a jerkface.
  • I really want to see a couple movies coming up (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, anyone?) but since I pee approximately every 40 minutes, I’m not sure it’s wise.
  • I miss sleep.  Before pregnancy I could sleep anywhere, anytime and through anything.  But now I have to wake up to pee a zillion times a night, because I have heartburn or just because I need to turn over (and it’s a massive process at this point).
  • Getting up has become such a production that I feel a little like a turtle when I’m laying down.  Or maybe a beached whale.
  • I find people who feel the need to say, “You don’t know the half of it,” immensely annoying.  I know things are going to get harder but I want to whine now, dangit…. AND later.
  •  I miss high heels.  Ok, that’s only partially true; I do NOT miss how they make my feet (and back!) feel but I miss the false sense of height they give me.
  • Our toilet paper consumption has gone up massively in the last two months (see above regarding movies).
  • I like the reactions I get when I tell people we plan to use gDiapers.  People are either amused, incredulous or grossed out, either way, it’s a conversation starter.
  • Prior to getting pregnant, I thought I was pretty baby savvy but lately I’ve been mildly terrified at the realization that there’s so much more to know.
  • As a kid, I despised hand-me-downs but I’m not at all averse to forcing them upon my own child.  My aunt calls it ‘green shopping’ so I’m hoping to convince Marcail it’s trendy, rather than just cheap.

w/ love
– Crystal