Pregnancy confessions to date:

  • I don’t glow – unless you count the thin sheen of sweat that covers my face after each bout of ‘morning sickness.’
  • I actually think the pregnancy glow might be a myth designed to propagate the species.
  • I can probably count on one hand the number of vomit-free days I’ve had in the last 22 weeks. (Bright side: I’m down 15 pounds from when I started this process and surprisingly people notice it).
  • I haven’t been able to stand the THOUGHT (much less the smell or sight) of anything fried, greasy, chocolatey or overly sweet since that fateful day in September when I peed on a stick.
  • The fact that my belly (which is there but still relatively small) is already causing issues to things like sitting, getting up and sleeping, scares the heck out of me.  What am I going to do when I’m 9 months and huge?
  • I miss wine.  More than I thought I would actually.
  • I haven’t had anything to do with raw meat since I got pregnant.  Poor Jason has to make dinners or at least prep the meat before I can cook.
  • The stories of pregnant women having extreme cases of absent mindedness and weird dreams are NOT a myth. 
  • Registering for baby gifts intimidates me.
  • I’m afraid that people will think I’m just getting plump(er) rather than notice that I’m pregnant.
  • I LOVE it when people fuss about the pregnancy even though I’m still a little afraid to be completely excited.
  • I recently broke my favorite bra, courtesy of my new EXTRA, XL breasts.
  • I might need to join a tapioca support group.
  • I think the cats can sense the baby and go out of their way to cuddle with my tummy.
  • I can’t imagine why anyone would ever willingly have more than one child.
  • I make up songs and sing them to my belly.  Loudly.  And off key.
  • I think this process is proof that God is not a woman.

w/ love
– Crystal