So, the ultrasound that I literally cried about and lost sleep over turned out to be: The. Most. Amazing. Experience. Ever. 

The tech wasn’t too chatty to begin with but after Jason started reading me the things she was typing on the screen (“Look, Honey, the baby has kidneys!”), she eventually just started narrating everything as she poked and measured. 

It was a little funny because in the beginning she warned me that they’d most likely be changing my due date, but not to worry about it because a date shift of up to two weeks is completely normal and healthy.  But in the end, she informed me that my DAUGHTER measured perfectly in everything.  My due date remains 5.23.10!  Which, apparently, is decently rare.  I just loved the fact that the word ‘perfect’ was used in conjunction with my baby.  I mean, I already knew that she would be… but how nice to have it confirmed by a completely unbiased observer! 

I’ve been on cloud nine all afternoon and evening.  I can’t wait to meet my little Marcail Echo Muno, the first official end product of the munomade brand.