I experienced the most amazing event today. We went in for our 20 week ultrasound and got to see pictures or our happy, healthy, and perfect little girl. That’s right. You heard me. Perfect. That is a direct quote from the technician doing all of the poking, prodding, and measuring. Marcail Echo’s due date didn’t change by a single day. All of her measurements affirmed that she was a 20 week and one day old fetus. You might wonder why I’m not emphasizing the fact that we found out that we’re having a girl rather than a boy. I’ll gladly tell you why. I had no doubt. Okay. Fine. I had very little (3%) doubt that we were having a girl. Qwen thinks it is because I just wanted one so bad that I refused to consider any other possibility. That might be part of it. I was always taught that if you wanted something enough, it could happen. Some of it could also have been that we’ve been stuck on having a girl since first considering the adoption process. In the adoption process, you can choose. I know it sounds evil to have a preference like that, but we did. So, when adoption didn’t end up being the right path to take, we still had the preconception of a little girl. Also, some might say it was because of the intelligender test that Qwen took that claimed an 82% chance that she was pregnant with a girl and others because of how sick Qwen has been. Evidently, girls make mommies sicker than boys. If that is true and if my mom can read this, I’d like it emphasized that this helps prove I was the best because I was a boy. But I was most convinced just because I knew. When I dreamed, I rarely, if ever, dreamed of my future life with a little boy. I was always carrying around an angel dressed in some shade of pink, often frilly and full of bows. While I understand a father’s desire to have a little boy, I have always felt that girls that are refered to as “Daddy’s girls” have an extra special relationship with their Dads. And I selfishly want to be the Dad in that kind of relationship. I can’t wait to meet my own “Daddy’s Girl.”

Anxiously waiting,