We’re having a baby. 

Even though we’ve been trying for three years (and been through quite a bit to get here) that short phrase is beautiful, thrilling and terrifying all at once.  I’m almost halfway through the pregnancy and I still can’t believe it’s happening sometimes.  Since adventures have a way of beginning before you realize it, Jason and I wanted to capture every last bit of this thrilling homegrown (or munomade) adventure while it’s still fresh in our heads. 

We’re hoping this can be a place where family and friends who don’t see us so often can catch up.  But more importantly, we want to be able to remember all the details of this wild ride we’re on and maybe someday share them with our precious little Seed*.  I hope you enjoy reading, but mostly I hope we enjoy sharing (and living). 

w/ love
– Crystal

*Seed = the baby since we don’t know the sex yet and when you’re first pregnant the books say your baby is the size of a poppy seed then an orange seed and a sunflower seed… you get the idea.  Eventually the books moved on to fruit comparisons but we somehow stuck with Seed.